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Our top priority has always been the health and well-being of our patients and the community. Rest assured, we have always maintained the highest standards for infection control recommended by the CDC. When you come in for your next appointment, you will also notice a number of additional safety precautions we will be taking to make you even safer.

  • Contact-free Appointment Check-in​​: ​You can call our office when you arrive and wait in your car instead of the waiting room. We will call you when it is your turn to be seated.
  • Screening Questionnaire: You will be asked screening questions related to COVID-19.
  • Temperature Checks: All patients and staff will have their temperatures check for a fever.
  • True HEPA Air Purifiers with UV-C: Each room is equipped with an air purifier to continuously clean and disinfect the air throughout the day.
  • Whole Room Disinfection: Each room will be disinfected using an ultrafine mist of hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid naturally occurs within your body and is extremely effective against bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.
  • Antimicrobial Mouthrinse: At the beginning of your appointment, you will be asked to rinse with OraCare, an antimicrobial mouthrinse. This will help to kill bacteria and viruses inside your mouth prior to treatment.
  • Reduction of Aerosols: We will use high volume suction both inside and outside of your mouth to remove droplets and aerosols related to dental care.
  • Face Coverings and Masks: You will be asked to wear a mask or face covering when entering the office.
  • Social Distancing: In order to limit the number of people in the facility, only one guardian or caregiver will be able to accompany you into our office.
  • Changes to the Waiting Room: We have rearranged the chairs in our waiting room to ensure proper social distancing. Toys and magazines have also been temporarily removed to limit frequently shared items.

We are confident that these additional safety precautions will keep you safe and healthy during your next visit with us. If you have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at (510) 214-8450.

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